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How to Repair Scratched Shoes

Saphir Cream Polish, from the MDO line, is great for repairing and concealing most superficial damage to shoes. Minor scuffing or scratching can most often be fixed with a few extra coats of Saphir Cream Polish. However, sometimes shoe polish is not enough to repair or conceal shoe damage. Sometimes, the damage is just too deep, too bad. In these cases, Saphir Renovating Repair Cream is designed to do just the trick.

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The above picture shoes some recent damage to a pair of shoes I have owned for many years. I am not sure how the damage occurred. What’s important is that because it gouged into the leather. Saphir Pommadier Cream Polish would not be strong enough to conceal this damage. So, this is where the Saphir Renovating Repair Cream comes into play. The resin-based formula is very simple. Resin + Pigment. It fills any cracks, rebuilds the surface, and will never come off. Once it dries, it will never rub off onto anything.

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You apply the Repair Cream with your finger. Massage it into the leather and try to smooth it out. Allow it to dry. Then polish over it with a cream polish to smooth out the surface. If you have any loose flaps of leather, cut those off with a sharp pair of scissors first. Sometimes even a very fine grade of sand paper might be necessary to prepare the surface. The objective is to get the area to be as smooth as possible before applying the Saphir Repair Cream.


As you can see from the last picture, the Renovating Repair Cream was able to almost completely conceal the damage. For $11, it’s cheaper than a pair of shoes and is also EXCELLENT as Edge Dressing.

If you have any pairs of shoes with particular damage, feel free to email Customer Service for help.

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I have an almost new pair of brown shoes. Something has dripped on to one toe-cap, acid or solvent? It has made a small circular patch which has rough texture. Polish doesn’t fill or cover it.
Will your renovating cream do it? It needs something substantial to fill the grain and provide a surface for polish.

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