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Long-Handle Luxury Shoehorns from Italy

We have just launched a new collection of luxury shoehorns from Italy crafted from exotic woods. These shoehorns are unlike any other that I have ever seen and are truly distinctive. They are crafted from an Italian company in Milan that is one of the primary supplier of umbrella shafts and walking sticks.

We have a collection of seven of their most distinctive shoehorns. All except two feature a spring that attaches the shoehorn tip to the shaft of the shoehorn, making the shoehorn easy to use while standing. Most measure approximately 22 inches in length.

The above Chestnut Root Shoehorn is one of my favorite. At the current moment we only have two of this particular style. The shaft is chestnut root with the root knot at the end of the shoehorn. This is a very impressive shoehorn and could just as easily be used as a club as it could a shoehorn. With the exception of the knot-end, the chestnut root has retained its bark. It measures approximately 23-inches in length. Each is a little different.

This long-handle Bamboo Knot Shoehorn is another one of the more distinctive shoehorns. The bamboo shaft is knotted into an interesting loop. The craftsmanship required to work the bamboo in this manner is exceptional.

As I have stated before, I believe that a man should never be without a shoehorn. This is why I continue to seek out exceptional shoehorns from around the world. With one of the largest selections of luxury shoehorns on the internet, any man should be able to find an exceptional shoehorn that reflects his unique quirks and personality.

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