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Saphir Shoe Polish Comparison

Saphir Medaille d’Or is unquestionably the best shoe polish available in the world. Crafted in small batches in Angouleme, France, the Medaille d’Or Shoe Polish uses the same formula and all-natural ingredients as it did when it won the “Gold Medal” at the Paris International Festival in 1925.

The difference in Saphir Shoe Polish is not just in the quality of the waxes in pigments, but how the various products are designed to penetrate the leather to deliver essential nourishment to the leather. A very easy experiment can be performed to show the difference amongst polishes: simply apply a neutral polish to a piece of paper. How well the polish penetrates the can easily be observed by how it saturates the paper.

To create this Saphir shoe polish comparison, I went to my local shoe repair shop and purchased as many wax and cream polishes they had available in neutral. The top row represents the other brands I purchased. Two waxes and two creams.

The bottom row is various Saphir Shoe Polishes from the Medaille d’Or Collection. As you can see, the two cream polishes do not penetrate the paper at all. Using these creams to polish your shoes, no nutrients are being delivered to the leather — you are essentially just rubbing waxes on the surface of the shoe. The Kiwi and Lincoln Waxes only demonstrate mild penetration. None are impressive when compared to Saphir Medaille d’Or (bottom row).

Saphir Shoe Polish Comparison

The Saphir Shoe Polishes penetrate deep into leather and deliver essential nutrients that keep leather moisturized while preventing cracking. However, amongst the different Saphir products, you will see varying degrees of penetration.

The Saphir Cordovan Polish, for instance, does not penetrate as deep as the others. This is because if the polish were to penetrate too deep into the pores of cordovan, it could cause the fibers to expand, thereby compromising the tight, closed fiber/pore structure unique to Cordovan. For this reason, we do not recommend using Wax or Cream polishes with Cordovan.

The Saphir Renovateur and Saphir Cream Polish both penetrate deep into the leather, as shown by their saturation of the paper. These two products are designed to deliver maximum nutrition deep into the leather. The Wax Polish still penetrates, but not as deep as the creams. If this photograph were taken after the paper dried, you would see that the Wax Polish thickest wax layer, again, by design.

With Saphir Medaille d’Or, rest assured that you are choosing the absolute best when caring for your shoes.


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