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Saphir Presidential Shoeshine

Regular maintenance of one’s shoes can dramatically extend their lifetime. A well-made pair should easily last a decade or more. Many more, if cared for properly. Regular maintenance is essential to the long-term health of shoes. Since leather is an organic material, it needs to remained both nourished to keep from drying and protected from the elements.

Saphir Shoe Polish, specifically the Medaille d’Or range, is the absolute best polish one could use on their shoes. Whether you wear Allen Edmonds or John Lobbs, good shoes require good shoecare products. Saphir’s shoe polish is unquestionably considered the best by shoe afficionados.

In addition to regular maintenance, more extensive semi-annual mainteance can make a dramatic difference in the finish of your shoes. Consider this more like a annual check-up or physical, semi-annual mainteance is designed to provide deep, intensive cleaning and nourishment that, performed more often, would overwhelm the shoe leather.

After collaborating with many shoecare afficionados and the owner of Saphir, we have designed a “Presidential Shoeshine” semi-annual regiment and posted a thorough, step-by-step guide. Our Presidential Shoeshine is appropriate for all calfskin shoes and, especially, for shoes being initiated into an all-Saphir shoecare regiment.

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