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Saphir Cordovan Shoe Polish

We are pleased to announce the addition of Saphir Cordovan Shoe Polish to our expansive selection of Saphir Medialle D’Or shoe polishes. Saphir Medialle D’Or is widely considered to be the best shoe polish in the world. Most of the top-tier shoe manufacturers in the world private label their polish from Saphir (including John Lobb). Saphir’s Cordovan Shoe Polish has been specially formulated for the unique requirements of this special leather.

Shell Cordovan is a specialty leather manufactured by only a few boutique tanneries worldwide. It is obtained from horses imported from Cordoba in the United States and crossed with wild horses of the Dakota. Only a small, specific portion of the back hide is used, the rest being utilized for furniture. Cordovan is different from calf in that it is not actually a hide; shell cordovan is actually the membrane located beneath the hide. As a result, Shell Cordovan is not porous and completely waterproof. Shell Cordovan is known for its waterproofness and robustness and is popular in urban environments prone to bad weather.

The skins are stored for months in barrels of oil. The natural color is blood red, a very dark burgundy, but Shell Cordovan is can also be found in other finishes. Shoes constructed from Shell Cordovan are rare, but are easily to spot. The smoothness of the leather is almost immediately distinguishable from calf. Because of the robustness of Shell Cordovan, the absence of any distress caused by normal wear will be absence.

Despite its durability, the highest-quality shell cordovan still needs to be properly maintained. Enter Saphir’s Shell Cordovan Cream – a unique blend of bee’s wax, pine turpentine, neatsfoot oil, and a high concentration of pigments. As with all of Saphir’s Medialle D’Or shoe polishes, Saphir’s Cordovan Cream is crafted from only the finest natural ingredients. It is available in four colors: neutral, cordovan (a deep blood red), dark brown, and black.

Polishing your Shell Cordovan shoes is easy. I recommend first using Saphir’s Saddle Soap to clean and remove any dirt that has accumulated since your shoe’s last polishing. Allow the shoes to completely dry before applying the Saphir Cordovan Cream. Work the polish into the leather with a dauber or chamois. Allow the polish to dry for about 10 minutes before buffing it off with one of our horsehair brushes.

If you have invested in fine cordovan shoes, they will certainly last you a lifetime. With proper care, you can make sure that they also look good for a lifetime!

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