Customer Testimonials

I am impressed with the quality of these hangers. The extra-wide shoulder ensures a more natural frame for your suits to hang from. I highly recommend these hangers if you have suits of exceptional quality and especially for suits made of heavier wool fabrics. – Anonymous

A very good website that provides great products and excellent customer service. Will definitely visit and order again. - Rhaniel M.

We have outfitted our new condo entirely with hangers from The Hanger Project. We ordered well over 500 hangers. The hangers are made well, very attractive, and add to the overall aesthetic we were looking for. I would highly recommend them to anyone who cares about quality, function, and style. - David R.

I love these hangers! They are perfectly sized, shaped to perfection, and they are beautiful. - Dawn F.

These are excellent Saphir products. The Hanger Project smoothly handled the sale and delivery. - Matthew S.

Can't say enough good things about the quality and service from the Hanger Project. - Jarod L.

Everything I had hoped. Arrived quickly, well packaged, and just as beautiful as they were on the website. - Ed S.

Don't know how I ever used any other hangers. The quality of Kirby's hangers is unmatched! - Anonymous

I haven't found any company that sells products as good as The Hanger Project. - Rick E.

My closet is looking stunning now, thanks to these beautiful hangers. - Jeffrey T.

Fantastic hangers. Makes no sense to spend money on good suits and hang them on cheap wooden hangers that don't fit. - Jarrod L.

These quality shirt hangers are the ONLY ones large enough to properly fit my large shirts (20" Yoke measurement). Excellent quality. Highly recommended! - John L.

Never thought a hanger could be so elegant. Exactly what was needed. - David K.